During my time working in the industry I had been employed by the National Film and Television School to undertake entry-level roles as a Production Assistant/Runner on a short film called "Isn't She Lovely". My main duty was to offer my assistance to all departments wherever it may have been needed during the production.

Before the shoot started I had immediately greeted all of the talent and crew and ensured that my presence was made known to them from the start to ensure that the shoot went smoothly if they needed anything. I had made sure that talent and crew members were given warm drinks, as filming days were cold and strenuous, and had assisted the camera department acting as an assistant to the Grip at times. I was put in charge of taking care of the actors during one crucial scene shooting in an outdoor pool, in which Health and Safety measures had to be considered during a cold early February. I had mainly worked closely with the Production Managers and the Assistant Directors and was given a walkie-talkie in order to receive and deliver messages efficiently to keep the production running smoothly. At times however, I was required to leave the shoot to buy props, food and hand warmers for the crew, keeping receipts and taking pictures for the Production Managers’ own records. 

On other days of filming, I had been required to pick-up and drop-off actors to and from the nearest train station. I was given the task of keeping them relaxed and well prepared whilst travelling to the set as they had all arrived from London early that the morning.

I had also offered myself to act as an extra in one scene to help the crew when an extra had unexpectedly dropped out. I had followed directions and had to interact with other extras during the scene as the Director and Director of Photography mainly incorporated long, tracking shots.  

The National Film and Television School is regarded as one of the best International Film Schools in the world. It is a film, television and games school that was established in 1971. They’re based at Beaconsfield Studios in Buckinghamshire and offer Masters, Diploma, Certificate and Short courses. Their presence within the industry is significant and their elevated status means that the establishment reaches out internationally. The BBC had stated that the NFTS was the "leading centre of excellence for education in film and television programme making", and distinguished that it was "relevant to the industry's present and future needs." NFTS student films have been nominated and received numerous awards from BAFTA winning short animations like A Love Story (Anushka Naanayakkara) to student films being nominated for Oscars three times in the past 6 years.


The alumni within the NFTS are of high calibre, having gone on to win Oscars, BAFTA’s, Emmy’s and vast film festival prizes from around the world. Their talents and outcome from the establishment is constantly elevating, with the school winning prizes for more than 6 years in a row.

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